Mysterious Realms RPG


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Crystal based combat

Engage in unique crystal-based combat

  • Use a deck of Crystals in five colors to defeat enemies
  • Manage your Crystals wisely to deal increased damage
  • Use the power of the played Crystals to activate abilities of your party
Deadly missions

Face deadly missions

  • Three different zones with replayable missions
  • Return to town after every mission to empower your Heroes
Dangerous areas

Explore Dangerous Areas

  • Examine mysterious objects
  • Slay deadly enemies
  • Overcome dangerous encounters
Developing party

Develop your party

  • Buy new equipment, potions, food and drink
  • Learn new abilities
  • Empower Crystals
Overcoming random events

Overcome random events

  • Lots of events to encounter during the journey
  • Use attribute checks to overcome events
  • Use Crystals, found items and Heroes' special abilities to increase the chance of succes

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